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KT Homes is committed to building long-term relationships based on integrity, performance, value, and customer satisfaction. We will continue to meet the changing needs of our clients while insuring the best quality product and service possible.


KT Homes is not just development company. We are a dedicated team striving to bring growth to our community, helping to maintain existing companies and assist our clients making their dreams become a reality.

Marshall Klein

Managing Partner

Marshall is 3rd generation developer, owner, and operator of commercial and residential real estate throughout Maryland. Marshall is also  the VP/COO of Klein's Shoprite of Maryland, a member of the Wakefern Food Corporation. While focusing mainly on the grocery business for much of his life, he began to develop single residential properties in Baltimore city in 2004 and has grown into  Commercial and multifamily units over the past few years.   


In his role as Managing Member, Marshall is responsible for the company’s overall performance, managing debt & equity, finance, asset management, legal, development & acquisitions, with a focus on building the company's track record of residential reconstruction while continuing long-term growth.     


Before Founding KT Homes with Idan, Marshall worked as a Supermarket Operator and real estate investor while studying at Franklin and Marshall College, where he earned his BS in History and Economics. He also holds a J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law and is a member of the Maryland Bar Association. 

Idan Tzameret

Operation Manager

Idan Tzameret is the founder of New Era Development.


In his role as Operation Manager for KT Homes, Idan, also a real estate agent, is responsible for coordinating projects, building client relationships, establishing working relationships with real estate agents, performing field quality control, and designing beautiful renovations for KT Homes projects. 


Idan graduated Towson University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. 


Following graduation, he quickly began his career as a kitchen designer: an area of expertise that adds refinement and beauty to all KT Homes projects.


Idan and Marshall founded KT Homes in 2014 as a result of their mutual passion for making Baltimore a more beautiful place, one home at a time.

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